how i spent my friday.

today i took my human body systems class to the local medical university to explore. it is such a nice change from my other school {where taking field trips was more of a headache for administration than it should have bee}. my students just loved it.

we took a bus to the med u but decided to trek the 2.2 miles back to school {another advantage of working in an urban school}.

i was beat.

real beat.

my planning period is the last period of the day. i basically recovered by drinking green tea and listening to classical piano on pandora, whilst planning for next week.

school was over.

i came home to my love {molly neal, the golden} she was just as tired as i was.


we then proceeded to watch season 3 of dawson’s creek {the one where pacey and joey finally fall for each other} for the remainder of the afternoon and night. on a friday.

weekend plans include doing school planning, laundry, grocery shopping, planning {my favorite thing to do} and running. lots of running.

also i plan on finishing this book… so good.



hope your friday was just as great as mine!











hello there! 

so… i’ve followed blogs for years and admired the authors creativity and ability to keep and “online” journal alive.

my life is by no means boring, but i am looking for more of a outlet for my creative side…enters this blog.

i am a science teacher, which allows me to be creative with boundaries {clay! colors! diagrams! dissections! outlines!} i have fun with it and i hope my students do too. but i want more!

i wouldn’t describe myself as a “creative” person, at least not originally. throughout college, i started reading Domino magazine. following this awesome discovery, i’ve had a new found love for interiors. through the past 5 years, my sense of aesthetics {whether it be interiors, art, or dressing myself} has definitely evolved {thank God}. it’s hard to talk about what you’re interested in with 15 year olds…and there is only a handful of teachers at my school who have the same taste as myself.

SO, what do i want to achieve from this forum? i place to talk about what i like- teaching, health, food, clothing, books, make-up, yoga, my attempts to cook and all the things that make me smile.