hello there! 

so… i’ve followed blogs for years and admired the authors creativity and ability to keep and “online” journal alive.

my life is by no means boring, but i am looking for more of a outlet for my creative side…enters this blog.

i am a science teacher, which allows me to be creative with boundaries {clay! colors! diagrams! dissections! outlines!} i have fun with it and i hope my students do too. but i want more!

i wouldn’t describe myself as a “creative” person, at least not originally. throughout college, i started reading Domino magazine. following this awesome discovery, i’ve had a new found love for interiors. through the past 5 years, my sense of aesthetics {whether it be interiors, art, or dressing myself} has definitely evolved {thank God}. it’s hard to talk about what you’re interested in with 15 year olds…and there is only a handful of teachers at my school who have the same taste as myself.

SO, what do i want to achieve from this forum? i place to talk about what i like- teaching, health, food, clothing, books, make-up, yoga, my attempts to cook and all the things that make me smile.


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