how i spent my friday.

today i took my human body systems class to the local medical university to explore. it is such a nice change from my other school {where taking field trips was more of a headache for administration than it should have bee}. my students just loved it.

we took a bus to the med u but decided to trek the 2.2 miles back to school {another advantage of working in an urban school}.

i was beat.

real beat.

my planning period is the last period of the day. i basically recovered by drinking green tea and listening to classical piano on pandora, whilst planning for next week.

school was over.

i came home to my love {molly neal, the golden} she was just as tired as i was.


we then proceeded to watch season 3 of dawson’s creek {the one where pacey and joey finally fall for each other} for the remainder of the afternoon and night. on a friday.

weekend plans include doing school planning, laundry, grocery shopping, planning {my favorite thing to do} and running. lots of running.

also i plan on finishing this book… so good.



hope your friday was just as great as mine!


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